Before your Epic road trip from India to Thailand…

Everyone is excited about the new highway which is opened up connecting India-Myanmar-Thailand. And many adventurer are already planning for an epic journey.  Guess what, I am one of those adventurer.

However, before I start packing my bags I must get answers to some important questions. I dont have all the answers right now but I sure will be writing more as I start finding more answers.

Here is the list of questions, feel free to add in more:

About the drive:

  • From where should I  start my journey?
  • Which vehicle I must choose?
  • Do I have all the necessary documents for myself and all the necessary permits of the vehicle I am driving?
  • How the road conditions are going to be? This is a major factor in deciding which vehicle I should choose.
  • How many hours I’ll be able to drive during the day?
  • Do we have enough drivers in the gang to rotate?
  • What are the places we can halt during the night?
  • Do we have hotels for night stay or tents are good enough and safe?
  • Do we have enough number of fuel stations on the way?

About finances and connectivity:

  • Do I know the total cost of the trip? Max Tolerance of 15% (plus or minus) in calculation is allowed
  • Which currency should I carry? Cash or plastic money?
  • Which are major cities on the way where I can convert currencies if needed?
  • Should I carry a GPS navigation system?
  • Will I have cellular coverage throughout the trip? Do I have emergency contacts for various sections on AH-1?

About the places:

  • Do I have the list of places I want to cover? We tend to get carried away from the initial plan and then miss out on important places.
  • Which all cities I want to stay in, for how many days?
  • Do I need to make reservations?
  • Do I have enough buffer time to accommodate any unfortunate incidents on the way?

If at any point you feel you’ll have challenges getting back home then there is no harm in returning home earlier. Challenge could be of any reason, financial, health, vehicle health etc. Please ensure that you are not too tired while returning.

And something really important – Learn some basic phrases of all local languages. Say ‘min-ga-la-ba’ (hello in Burmese) to immigration officer when you enter Myanmar and it might save you from some additional questions 🙂

Happy travelling!!!


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