Should I activate international roaming while I travel the world??

According to me, technology has held us hostage these days than being able to help us in all possible ways.

As this is my travel blog I’ll stick to the travel angle associated with it. Staying connected 24×7 is normal now or rather its a necessity for most of us now. Even when you are on vacation, sigh. 😦

Updating Facebook with latest updates, endless check-ins, uploading selfies on instagram and keeping track of all the likes and comments is a part of daily routine while we are on vacation. And many of us wonder if we should we activate international roaming on our mobiles.

If you ask me, its a terrible terrbile idea, unless you don’t mind a huge dent on your pockets after you return home.

Most of the service providers will ask you a huge amount in advance, and if you understand their plans in details you’ll realize they are expensive, almost all of them. We don’t usually keep the track of data and each byte we use while on international roaming makes our service providers richer. Yes, their smile gets broader with every like to hit on Facebook and every pouting selfie you upload.


You might also get prepaid/postpaid sim cards (Matrix for example) at airport with lucrative plans listed, based on my experience they are better choice than international roaming but still not the best options to choose for.

Most of the countries have shops of local service providers on the airport terminals, which have dead cheap plans for tourists. All they need is your passport copy and sim are activated immediately. Such connections are mostly prepaid and easily rechargeable if the plan is exhausted. It also helps ensuring that you are spending more than necessary on your mobile/data connections.

Enjoy your vacation and seamless connectivity without hurting your pockets by activating local sim cards when you land in a new country 🙂

Please let me know if you disagree with my thoughts..


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