What a couple must carry while traveling?

Recently my wife and I were packing bags for a 2 days vacation and I was working on the checklist of things to carry, that’s when it struck me about something which has become an integral part of my ‘must to have list’

I’ve been married for 4 years now and I have traveled extensively with my wife. Most of the times its just 2 of us on vacations. And the list of ‘must to carry’ would vary based on the place we are visiting. Like for jungle I’ll ensure that I take mosquito repellent, for beaches she’ll ensure to take all the hippie jewellery she has :D, for a long train or flight journey we’ll ensure to carry blankets and books, and so on..

Off late there has been new member which has made sure to be part of all ‘must to carry’ lists, regardless of the destination.

I am talking about my selfie-stick 🙂

Yes for a couple, who loves clicking pictures it has indeed become a must to carry. We’ve had our troubles of requesting someone to click our picture and then realizing that how out of focus the picture has come, or how better you would have thought it to come with amazing backdrop, but the fellow traveler didn’t bother to wait for people to move out of frame and just clicked it as soon as he got the camera.

To solve all those troubles, selfie-stick has become a must to carry equipment for us. If you are a couple, and dont have a selfie stick yet, get one. You’ll thank me later 🙂

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