Malshej Ghats – An Absolute delight in monsoon

I have met several people who hate specific weather. Most of them hated monsoon and least hated winters.

Well India is a kind of country where we have 3 different seasons during the year. All three of them last for 4 months, simple math huh?

In India, its not difficult to hate monsoons though, bad road conditions, potholes, too much traffic can lead to terrible time on the road during monsoons, unless sitting at home and sipping hot tea and eating pakoda is your primary work in the day.

Monsoon of 2015 has just begun and I decided to take a tour to well known place called ‘Malshej Ghats’. Its about 120 kms from Pune and 140 kms from Mumbai. I went from Pune and it took me 3 and hours drive.

We stopped on the way to grab some snacks, plenty of villages on the way and we had “misal pav”, an authentic local food of Maharashtra. Did you know that misal pav got the award of tastiest vegetarian dish in the world at ‘Foodie hub awards’ in London.

Too spicy to handle but I love it.. yummyy
Too spicy to handle but I love it.. yummyy

When you reach Ghats you get the feeling of driving through the clouds. There are various tourist points where you can park your vehicle and enjoy the view of the valley and hills. Hills covered in clouds.

Entering the clouds

Clouds and Hills

Though I didn’t see only one, as its just beginning of the monsoon but eventually there would be many waterfalls in the stretch of 6 kms (the ghat is stretched for about 6 kms).

Lack of basic necessities:

Malshej ghats have become a popular tourist attraction over the years. As soon as Monsoon starts people from Pune and Mumbai go there for a weekend gateway or just for a one day trip. Though it is a place where you enjoy the rain and water and waterfalls, I did not see a single place where we can change after getting wet. Neither I saw any restrooms.

In a nutshell, its an amazing place for a weekend gateway (prefer to stay in MTDC resort) or just for a one day trip during the monsoon where you feel close to nature.


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