Bhigwan – A treat to birdwatchers

India has a wide range of landscapes. From beaches to mountains, from deserts to forests. It also has rich wildlife and bird species. Many of the birds are seasonal birds.

Today I am going to write about a place which is approximately 100 kms from Pune city. An absolute treat for birdwatchers.

If you like watching birds, this is heaven for you. You’ll see so many variety of birds here.

Most of the crowd come here to see flamingos, but there is much more than just flamingos.

Birds are usually found till mid of February, then it starts getting warm here and they migrate away.

I went on 7th Feb, and we struggled to see Flamingos. We had to go about 8-10 kms away from shore to see birds.

Please ensure you reach there by sunrise, then you can hire a boat, usually they charge about 200-300 INR per person in the boat. For me, it was totally worth as I could see the hard work my boatman had done to row the boat.
Btw, you need to maintain silence while sitting in the boat or else birds will fly away. And you don’t want that 🙂

So reach there before/by sunrise when birds are closer to shore, by 10-11 am birds disappear.


Sunrise at Bhigwan


Swim awayy





In the Air.. Flying in tandom


How to reach:
From Pune take Solapur highway, and few kilometers before you reach Bhigwan town, take an exit towards your left. There are no signs on the road, however on the right hand side you’ll see a huge temple, remember that as sign, exit is opposite of that temple.

Road is bad for few kilometers but thats ok. On the way you can ask any villager about the way to see birds and they’ll help you with directions.

Go with a camera which has good zoom, you cannot go very close to birds and to capture them from far away you’ll need good camera.


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