Kenya Vacation Part 8 – Heading to Masai Mara. The Biggest and Baddest of All

After a short game drive in Lake Nakuru and amazing breakfast at hotel, we headed towards the ultimate destination of the vacation, Masai Mara.

It was a loooong drive from Nakuru to Masai Mara, took about 7 hours to reach there. On the way we saw a different Kenya altogether. Area where all the rich people in Kenya lived (as told by our driver). Industries and factories on the way.

We stopped by a small building where we had lunch. Looked like a place where all tour operators will make the tourists stop. They served rice and vegetables and some pasta. Food was just ok, tasteless for an Indian.

I found something more interesting there, found a Rhino beetle there.

Rhino beetle
Rhino beetle

About 100 kms before Masai Mara, we stopped by Tuskys where we picked up our chef for next 3 days. The same chef whom we dropped at Nairobi and got caught by police.

After some time we reached at the road which can not be called a ‘road’. Terrible of all the roads we encountered in Kenyan national parks.

Started seeing animals well before reaching our camp. Some dik-diks and zebra and giraffes. As it was a long journey, I had to pee on the way. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Asked our driver to stop by, finished my work and came back running.

Road worsened as we reached closer to Mara. Reached at our camp ‘Mara wildebeest camp’ by 6:30 pm and met Jonathan. His Masai name was ‘Lonana’ but to make it easy for westerners he kept a pseudo name as Jonathan.  He explained that because we can see wildebeest herds right from the camp, the name of the camp is ‘Mara wildebeest camp’. He also explained about he electricity hours in the camp, timing for breakfast and dinner and introduced us to other support staff in camp.

Huge horns of buffalo was kept near dining area.

Buffalo horn at the dining area
Buffalo horn at the dining area

We get about 3 hours of diesel generated electricity and this is how we need to charge our phones in camp.

Charging batteries Masai Style
Charging batteries Masai Style

We kept our phones and camera batteries for charge and waited for Kefa (our chef) to prepare the dinner. In the meantime, we six (Andrew and family and we both) started playing ‘Monopoly’. People from UK and India playing American version of Monopoly (pic awaited from Andrew). 😀

In some time Kefa prepared our dinner and we all pounced on it. Ladies in the group were tired of eating cabbage so they requested Kefa not to prepare cabbage anymore. And he made sure he didnt cook it 🙂


After the dinner we headed back to tents, very comfortable beds and pretty cold temperature, about 13 degrees Celsius. As we were tired we slept off as soon as we hit the bed. Swetha heard some noises at night and woke me up, I didn’t bother waking up though 😀


Next day, ultimate safari experience at Masai Mara!!!





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