Kenya Vacation Part 7 – Lake Nakuru National Park

To accommodate time we lost yesterday we started early morning for safari in lake Nakuru. Started without breakfast at 6:30 and planned to be back by 9:30 am for breakfast.

The lake was about 7 kms from our hotel so we reached there in quick time.

Board at the gates of Lake Nakuru National park
Board at the gates of Lake Nakuru National park


Our aim here was to see Rhinos, yes you can see them in Masai Mara as well but spotting them here is probably the easiest.

After entering the park we spotted couple of buffaloes, we kind of avoided them as we saw plenty of them in Amboseli. As we were moving, Swetha saw something and asked our driver to stop immediately. We stopped and she asked him to take the car in reverse and pointed to a direction. Damn she had spotted our first lion of the Kenyan safari. And the very first lion I captured on camera, he was actually looking in the camera. Majestic animal.

Our first Lion of African Safari
Our first Lion of African Safari

Lion was the least I was expecting to see at lake Nakuru. We were fortunate to see him behind the bushes. Sitting calmly. We moved ahead when our driver made us realized that there are other animals to see in the jungle 😀


We drove towards the lake and saw some baboons, Lily and Kathlin (little girls from Wales) were more excited to see baboons, specially baby baboons. It was a completely different terrain than Amboseli. Nakuru had green trees everywhere and much humid weather.

We saw many herds of buffaloes and zebras and some waterbucks as well.

After a long drive we were able to spot Rhinos, about 9 of them, couple of them were White Rhinos.

Rhinos at Lake Nakuru
Rhinos at Lake Nakuru

Then we went to the site from where flamingos can be seen, there was a time (few years ago) when this place was famous for thousands of flamingos but now you either see none or very few of them. We were able to see few, they were so far I didnt bother to click a picture and I have seen plenty of them in India already.

We saw a jackal there, from the books I learned that it was black backed jackal. It was feasting on a freshly killed prey and a buffalo was much interested in shooing jackal away.



Finally jackal managed to run away with its prey.




After some more game drive where we saw eagle sitting on the tree, we headed back to hotel. Feasted on breakfast, took shower and started for the ultimate national park, not just in Kenya but in the world, Masai Mara.





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