Kenya Vacation Part 6 – Spending three hours in a police station in Nairobi

So who else watches the series ‘Banged up Abroad’? We were kind of feeling to be in the similar situation for sometime.

Last thing we would want on our vacation is going to the police station, specially dealing with cops in Kenya where corruption is at its peak. Let me tell you in detail.

After a day’s safari in Amboseli we woke up next morning to head to Nakuru. I actually woke up Swetha an hour early as my mobile was still showing time of Dubai. You dont want to deal with angry wife at 5:30 in the morning. Made her go to sleep again and woke up by 7 am.

Saw some lovely birds which came to kitchen to eat leftovers. Andrew (our friend from Wales) and I were amazed to see the colors of the birds and when asked a masai person about them, he casually said “oh these are normal and usual birds here.” Really?? Amazing!!!

DSC00894 DSC00744 DSC00748




We also explored the camp, clicked some pictures and then headed towards Lake Nakuru. It was a long journey and we were about to cross Nairobi in between. Our chef asked us if he can join us in the car as he needed to go to Nairobi, we ofcoruse said yes.

On the way we saw some giraffes again.

When stopped near Nairobi to drop our chef, it was matter of 15-20 seconds and then our driver started the car and thats when he was caught by police from Embakasi police station and after a little heated comments from police out van was commandeered to Embakasi police station.

We, tourists were not told anything by the police. They made our driver park the car in the parking inside the gates and took him to police station. For about an hour we were sitting in the car, little scared and were wondering what happened. Andrew made couple of calls to British embassy, embassy guys asked him to wait for a call back from them. His daughters, older one was 9 and younger one was 7 were the least scared. I guess being a kid has its own advantages.

After sometime Stanley, our driver came back and told us that he has been charged for the obstruction and he needs to pay 10000 ksh for the bail. We had wasted couple of hours already in police station and didnt want to spend more. We decided to pay the amount. Stanley could manage 5000 KSH and Andrew and I contributed 5000 KSH from our pockets. Last thing we wanted was wasting a day in our vacation. By evening we were supposed to have safari in lake Nakuru however it was 3 pm and we were still in a police station in Nairobi.

Then Andrew and I went inside the police station, with a hope that seeing the tourists they’ll speed up the process. We were routed to several desks before actually meeting the person who was supposed take the bail money and release all of us. We finished the process by handing over the money and taking the receipt.

Our Tour operator Simon Milambo reached by that time at police station. We were tired and hungry. It was 4 pm and none of us had had their lunch. We picked up lunch from a departmental store called ‘Tuskys’ and headed to Nakuru. Yes, our day was wasted completely.


It was by 9 pm when we reached Nakuru. The only safari we had that day was in police station. We checked-in, took hot water shower and came to restaurant for dinner.

We were already delayed by a day, according to our itinerary we were about to have safari in the evening and head to Masai Mara next morning, now we planned to have a quick early morning safari at lake Nakuru and then head to Masai Mara.


Safari at lake Nakuru is covered in next blog.



5 thoughts on “Kenya Vacation Part 6 – Spending three hours in a police station in Nairobi

    1. Indeed terrible. Why do you think they caught our van? I am sure the driver wasn’t obstructing at all. We had parked the vehicle with other matatus. Is it because tourists were involved, police thought we were easy catch?

    2. A further update on this: We came to know that our driver was proved innocent in the court and he got the bail amount back. Felt good to hear that. We had written our detailed statements for him. May be those helped. Just glad to hear the good news from him.

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