Kenya Vacation Part 4 – Arriving at Amboseli National Park

After arriving at Nairobi airport, our driver first took us to the office of our tour operator ‘Wild Race Africa’, we met Simon Milambo there who was in touch with me via emails for my tour. Gave him the gift I got for him from India. We spent about an hour in office (doing pretty much nothing) because we were waiting for the driver who’d take us to Amboseli national park. Gave them some sweets we carried from India.

After waiting for more than hour they took us to a place where a 4WD was waiting for us. Couple of passengers were already in that van. Milan and his grandpa. They were from Czech Republic and were here to visit some Indian friends of Milan who were settled in Kenya. Grandpa couldnt speak or understand English and Milan would translate everything to him and his answers back to us in English. Milan knew many Indian words and some Indian food as well as he stayed with few Indian friends back in his country. It was fun talking to both of them. Below is the picture of them at Amboseli camp.

Milan and Gradpa
Milan and Gradpa

It was pretty chaotic at outskirts of Nairobi and our van got stuck in a dry mud hole. Milan and I had to come outside and push the van out of the hole. Grandpa happily clicked our pictures (hope to receive from them soon).

Just about an hour from Nairobi city and we started spotting giraffes, quite few of them. We were pleasantly surprised to see them so close to the city.

It was a long journey to Amboseli, took about 5 hours. On the way Milan and I picked up couple of ‘Tusker’ beers.

After long five hours of driver we reached at our camp at Amboseli. Met our chef who had prepared amazing food for us which included spaghetti, vegetables, daal and coffee.

After our dinner we (Milan and I) chose to sit next to our tents and gulp some beer under the full moon. Tents were made up of thick cloth and we could zip them from inside/outside. It was windy at night which kind of shook the tents. Well thats the fun.

Name of our tent was ‘Lion’. Yaaaaayyyy.. And Milan was stuck with ‘Hair’, yeah may they meant ‘Hare’ but it was spelled ‘Hair’. Pictures below.

He was happy to have some HAIR on his head
He was happy to have some HAIR on his head



Our tented camp LION
Our tented camp LION



We were heading to our first day of safari on next day, Swetha and I were so excited. First day of safari in Amboseli is covered in next blog.



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