Kenya Vacation Part 3 – Arriving at Nairobi Airport

After 5 hours of flight, which seemed eternity even though I slept during half of the journey. May be I was anxious to reach there. My dream destination, all my planning and waiting from my last three months were coming to end.

We had good amount of African crowd in our flight, mostly young girls, we assumed they were in their 20s. While in the bus from our plane to the terminal, the driver played some song on the speaker and the whole gang of girls started singing loud and dancing in the bus. Kind of first glimpse of nature of African people. Very lively and happy. Loved it πŸ™‚

At the arrival terminal, we filled up Yellow colored immigration form, visa forms were already printed and filled in India. There was a little queue on the visa on arrival counter, I was 4th in the queue.

When I reached at the counter, the guy at the desk took visa and immigration form from me, I dont think he even looked at them. Asked me for the passport, put the visa sticker on it, took my finger prints and 100 USD (for me and my wife) bill from me. The complete process from taking the bus towards terminal and getting done with visa and immigration took about 25-30 minutes.

Met an Indian couple at the terminal, must be in late 50s, retired army officer. They too were on vacation in Kenya. Chatted with them for a while, exchanged email addresses to keep in touch.

Before going out, I just converted 100 USD to Kenyan Shilling for initial use. Got 84 KSH for each USD. Cleared customs and went out out of the terminal. I wanted to check for a local sim card with data package. I had two options in my mind Safaricom or Oragne.

Orange had weekly plan for 250 KSH with unlimited data, really cheap I must say. And safaricom had plans where we need to top-up based on the usage. I chose Orange. Throughout my stay in Kenya (city and national parks) Orange gave good connectivity.

Then met representative of our tour operator and headed off to Nairobi city. Just outside of airport we spotted some Zebras. When I asked the driver ‘how come we have zebras here?’ he said, its pretty normal to spot zebras here, sometimes you even see Giraffes here. Amazing huh??


Link to the next blog which covers heading to Amboseli national park after meeting our tour operator in Nairobi city.


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