Kenya Vacation Part 1 – Reaching Mumbai Airport

Our minds were filled with excitement and stress, both at the same time as we were inching closer to our departure.

Post a relaxing bath and a little last minute shuffling of our luggage we finally headed towards the airport. The T2 terminal of Mumbai airport was indeed a sight to see.


It was around 1:45 am that we reached at the airport and were hesitant to enter departure gate assuming it was too early. Our flight was at 4:55 am. So we clicked few pictures outside the airport, saw the staff of Kenyan airline coming from their hotel. As you can expect at any airport in India, security guard came to us asking to move the vehicle to parking lot instead of dropping zone.

PassengerdDropping zone of T2 terminal
PassengerdDropping zone of T2 terminal

We finally entered the departure zone and tour surprise, Air Arabia counters were already open and there was a huge queue already.

While we were waiting in the queue, air Arabia support staff came to check our tickets. Seeing Kenya as our destination (It was Kenya via Sharjah) he asked us if we have taken the Yellow fever vaccination and insisted on seeing the certificate as well, another member also gave us the immigration form which we filled before getting the boarding pass.

Filling the forms before reaching the immigration counter helped with saving some time. We were not asking anything at the immigration counter except for when are we returning back. Security check too was done very quickly. By 2:40 am we were done with all the process, which gave us more than couple of hours to spend at the terminal.

Thankfully we had plenty of couches at the terminal however most of them were occupied with people sleeping on them, some of them snoring loud enough to compete with sound of an airbus.


We had some snacks, wife wrote few things in her diary and waited for boarding for my ultimate destination, Kenya.


Wifey and her diary to capture moments of the vacation.
Wifey and her diary to capture moments of the vacation.


Here is the next blog in the series..


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