Kenya Vacation Part 2 – Flight BOM-SHJ-NBO

We could have very little sleep in last 48 because of work and because I waited for last minute packing 😉

This was probably the first time when we didnt realize our flight taking off. Wife and I were fast asleep before take off. It was a two and half hour flight to Sharjah.

We had stuff our stomach enough to survive for this leg of journey, and as Air Arabia doesnt serve (free) food or drinks and it doesnt have any means of in flight entertainment, we were asleep till we reached Sharjah.

I would call it a smaller airport for being an international airport. Had plenty of Indian restaurant which accepted USD/INR/AED, all support staff from India/Nepal and other neighboring countries.

We had about 3 hours to spend there. We got fresh, I must say that toilets were too dirty for an airport. Had amazing breakfast in restaurant called ‘Chinese House Restaurant’ and waited for final leg of journey.



Our Sharjah-Nairobi flight was pretty much empty. Because of my planning before, I was able to book the seat E/F, the window seat on the right side. Why that one? So that I can click the picture of ‘The Palm Dubai’

The Palm Dubai from Sharjah-Nairobi flight
The Palm Dubai from Sharjah-Nairobi flight


Had lunch in the flight and again slept off, it was a longer flight compared to the first leg.




Here is the next blog where I am covering arrival at Nairobi, first glimpse of African culture/people and immigration process at Nairobi.



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