Vacation in Kenya in August 2014 – Summary

I planned a lot for my Kenya vacation, close to 3 months of surfing various travel websites, talking with people who have already visited the country, a zillion questions to my tour operator, a zillion answers to my family explaining why I am going to Kenya and nowhere else despite of being Ebola outbreak in Africa.

All ended well when I went there on 9th of August and returned back to India on 18th August. Family was happy to see us (my wife I traveled) in good health and glad that lion didn’t eat us. Some of them actually asked if it was worth going there? My answer was “Of all the vacations I had within country or abroad, this was the best one so far”. And one thing I make sure to mention, I stayed in various national parks (Amboseli, Nakuru and Masai Mara) and I didn’t encounter even a single mosquito. The repellent I carried is brought back home, UNUSED.

Of all the reasons, couple of major factors which made me love this country:

  • Amazing wildlife
  • People and warmth their hospitality

I’ll be putting my whole trip in detail in various blogs (about 13 of them) and post the links in this blog as well. Right from my flight in Bombay, covering each places and events in detail, which also includes staying along with a British family in Embakasi Police station in Nairobi for 3 hours because of false charges imposed on our van driver. (yes quite an adventure it was, specially with all the stories of corruption we hear about Kenya)

In a nutshell if I say, I absolutely loved the time I spent in Kenya and I am going there again, for sure.




Pictures have been uploaded here!!!


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