How Ebola affected my Kenya trip in 2014

I have been planning for my vacation in Kenya from last three months and just a week before the vacation, there were news of Ebola virus in Africa. Everyone in my family along with my wife (who was supposed to travel with me) were concerned. I wasn’t.

When I heard about the virus, I searched about it on the internet and news websites with a thought that if there is a threat then I’ll cancel my vacation. However when I got the real picture about the affected countries, all my worries were gone.

You should see the size of the Africa first. To make is simpler for you I found an image which I have changed a bit for better understanding. Putting your country in Africa might give you a better understanding.

Ebola affected region in Africa

Yes, Africa is huge. Much bigger than China, UK, Japan, US and India combined together. And now with awareness across the globe about the virus, all countries are making sure that they don’t let the virus come inside.

Ofcourse, we cant let everything on system and we need to maintain extra hygiene to make sure we are doing our part.

So please make sure you are checking the facts before spreading news that came to you from social media. Avoid spreading rumors.


And about my vacation in Kenya? Oh yes, my wife I are leaving in couple of days for our dream vacation 😉



I did have an amazing time there. If you liked this blog then I would also route you to my other blogs which talks about my experience in Kenya and pictures here.



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