Mentally preparing for vacation in Kenya, Africa…

I was just wondering, what makes us choose a particular destination for our vacation? Few points came in my mind were

  • What do we wish to do?
  • Area of interests
  • Suggestion from friends/family
  • Budget
  • Destinations we had always dreamed of

Ofcourse there are many more points on which we decide our holiday destination.

Close to three months ago, I decided to choose Kenya. Of five points mentioned above, four helped me decide the location. The only point which was not in my favor was ‘Suggestion from friends/family’ and that’s the fun part.

So if you are planning for a vacation in Kenya, this blog could help you with some mental preparation.

First, confirm with yourself that is it really Kenya you wish to go? Make sure the answer from within, heart, lungs, liver, whatever is YES!!! If there is a hesitation then hold on with your plan.

Then ask your travel companions. Once you have a solid yes from them then wait for three days and ask them again. If the answer remains yes then you are good to go. There is a reason behind asking them twice. Its the reaction and influence of others when we tell about Kenya travel can shake you from within if you aren’t strong with your decision.

If I share my example, when my wife and I chose for vacation in Kenya and after some planning we started telling our friends and relatives about it. Nine out of Ten reactions were ‘Seriously? Are you going to Kenya? What’s there?’ or ‘why aren’t you going to Europe or Australia? Why going to Kenya?’

I tried explaining them about my love for wildlife and African Big 5 and Masai Mara and the great migration but all went in vain. They were still puzzled and shocked. After a point I stopped explaining. I just said ‘let me come back and show you the pictures’. Or to some I just said I am going to South Africa to avoid further questions.

I have been planning and preparing from last 3 months (could not plan for earlier dates because of work) and now I am leaving in 3 days. Been an amazing three months just planning and now can’t wait at all.

Some good amount of actual planning is also needed, which includes vaccinations, choosing the itinerary and tour operators in Kenya. Will be putting that in next blog.


2 thoughts on “Mentally preparing for vacation in Kenya, Africa…

  1. Hahaa! U hit the nail on the head! It has to come from deep inside- the need to visit the wild – the African subcontinent, is a Magical journey:)) Have a super brilliant trip! I know if God meant for a paradise on Earth it is in this continent, In the Masai Mara , Serengati and the other reserves – to encounter the legendary creatures in the wild, have the experts tell you stories and add knowledge to your insatiable hunger for more, to witness the power and splendor of the wildebeest migration, to track the the chimpanzees and mountain gorillas in the jungles of East Africa, to have no loos in the jungles and actually go in the wild- wondering if a lion is advancing stealthly on you….MAGIC, to see the lions hunting or see them napping- not even bothered by your presence…ohh I could go on and on and on:))) l!! Have a super wonderful trip! If you need to know more, do read my blog! Look fwd to reading yours once you return!! ENOY and soak it all in!!

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