Dunes Eco Village, at Pondicherry

The Dunes Eco Village.

I was in Chennai for few days meeting few relative after my marriage and we wanted to have couple of days of mini honeymoon.

SO we decided to head towards Pondicherry which is about 160 kms from Chennai.

Because of time constraints we didn’t have much time to check out many places and decide where we can go. That’s when one of the friend suggested ‘The Dunes Eco Village’.

It’s located about 10 kms before we enter city. Though the city is growing now and we also have some colleges nearby this place.

Entry itself will make you feel something special about this place. A warm welcome at reception when we got there, we had called them up for availability of the rooms and hence they were expecting my arrival.

As soon as we reached they requested to wait for 15 mins till they prepare the room. However it wasn’t the usual waiting sitting on the sofa, infact there weren’t any  sofa at the reception.

At the reception.

They asked us to sit in Maruti Ecco and took us for a drive of the 42 acre resort. Driver/guide was polite enough to start a pleasant conversation and started showing different areas of the resort like Spa, Yoga centre, activity centre (where we can do pottery, milking the cow etc etc), swimming pool, entry to private beach, couple of restaurants (one was specially for sea food), different cottages/bungalows. Most of the houses were made up of bamboos and coconut leaves to cover the roof.

And there we saw a tall tower, he explained what that was. No it wasn’t light house as u expect it to be on the sea shore. It was a special suit made for newlywed couples.

There was no elevator to take you to that tower, you got to take stairs (to make sure you don’t come down again :D) all the facilities were provided in the suit and room service was also available in case of emergencies only.

I didn’t enquire much as I didn’t want my wife to change plans and go with the suit which costed abt 20K/night, four times than what we had planned.

We reached back to reception, did some paper work and again started in car towards our tree house called Baywatch. Yes they don’t have house numbers, they have names given to houses. On the way I saw one huge German Shepherd dog lazing around on the pathway. Guide said they have five of them to guard the village. Trained enough not to harm the guests. Well it was huge enough to scare someone away just with their sight.

We reached at our tree house, it was of 1 floor with just bathroom on the ground floor and bed/mini bar on the first floor. Found it little unusual and unique. There were no telephone lines in houses, they provide a mobile phone to guests for contacting reception/restaurant/spa etc etc, again unique.

Though I couldnt see the sea from the house but I could easily hear sound of waves, I was sure sea shore was just across the trees. We rested for an hour or so and then we stared off to roam around. Now one would wonder how to roam around in 42 acre farm house, well they have taken care of that as well. Each guest will receive a bi-cycle. Haha yeah, Its been years I actually rode on a cycle and felt so refreshing. We took our cycles went straight towards private beach. As its on east coast you dont get to see sunset there but yeah it was getting dark, moonlight helped with some light. I couldnt see anyone on either side for miles. Never seen a beach like this before. Wonderful experience!

After about half an hour we headed towards the restaurant as we started getting SOS signals from the stomach.

Restaurant was a treat to eye as well, one corner nicely occupied for bar and one open corner for tandoor. We ordered Thai food which was again one of the better Thai food we had ever had. Menu covered Indian/Thai and Chinese cuisines with sea food covering the most pages of menu card. Not many options if you are a pure vegetarian.

While returning from hotel we saw spa on the way and my wife decided to visit the same in morning for Yoga sessions. ‘Ah one hour of peace with just me and myself at hotel’ I said in mind. Our tummy was extra full so decided to take a longer route to tree house, started singing songs while riding with the hope that none of the dogs get pissed cos of that.

After reaching house we just sat in open space, with a view of stars and sound of waves giving a background score in our conversations.

The next morning, we got up by 8 and went to have our breakfast wide range of breakfast available with some fresh fruit juice as well. Refreshing for mind. After breakfast she planned to go for Yoga session. As there were not many guests she was the only one who had come for Yoga.

Once she was back and we were sitting just outside of our house we saw a lady came to water the plants, upon asking her to do it ourselves she happily let us do it. Watering plants on our own gave a feeling of owning the house.. 😛

After a light lunch we had to start for Chennai again, we couldnt attend any of the activities neither we could play the games which were there, games like TT, Badminton and basket ball.

I must say it was one of the amazing experience we had had and would surely like to visit the place again in future. Going with the whole family or in a big group would be more fun.

Posting some more misc pictures…..


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