Roadtrip from Chennai to Pudduchery (Pondicherry)

What do we need after a long tiring week of work? yeah you are correct. We need a good weekend to recharge ourselves. Same was the thought in my friend’s and my minds.
It was late evening when four of us decided to go to Pondicherry for the weekend. We were working in an MNC in Chennai and as none of us was from Chennai we decided to take state transport by 6 am which will take us to Pondi by 10 am.

By 11 pm on Friday night we settled down a friend’s place deciding on how we gonna go. As it was just for couple of days we had nothing much to plan.

Suddenly something struck i nmy crapy mind. ‘Why don’t we go on bikes?’ We were four guys and we had 2 bikes. *Eureka*
As they said that was the best thing I had said in the whole week πŸ˜›

By 2 am we started bike and started about 170 kms journey to Pondicherry.

We knew it was going to be one amazing experience. We had one Hero Honda Passion and one 1983 made Bullet. The later one was masterpiece.

It took about 20 mins to get out of the city. Roads were almost empty and most of the signals were just blinking Orange lights.

Once we are out of the city, the road we hit is called ECR. East Coast Road.

ECR is built just on the coast of Bay of Bengal. Giving us a beatiful sight of the Blue waters and silver sand. Though the time at which started didnt give us such sight. But we could hear the roar of waves for sure. We were heading towards a beautiful destination and jorney was even more mesmerizing.

About an hour later we reached a place where we saw a diversion which would lead to Mahabalipuram. We decided to give it sometime while returning. There was not point going to see amazing rock caves/sculptures. We preferred heading straight towards Pondi.

Few more kms and we decided to take a halt at a small tea shop which was open. He was fast asleep in his shop. Though we didnt like, we had to wake him up. Seeing his reaction it seemed he was more interested in sleeping than earning some bucks. He said something in Tamil, may be cursed us for waking him up at that time. Glad none of us could understand Tamil.

After having tea and clicking some picture we started again on our journey.

It was around 5:30 am in the morning and sun was about to appear off horizon, I being from Mumbai, we have always seen Sun setting in Arabian sea, seeing the Sun rising at the horizon of Bay of Bengal was a new thing for me.

We could see small villages on the way, life was waking up in those villages. Most of them being fishermen. Saw few of them preparing their net to start one more day. Day which they’ll spend in deep sea. May be those who love their work dont need Weekends.

Traffic on the road started increasing, we saw a school bus, which was a sign of we are nearing a town. And then in few minuits a huge Gate welcomed us. That was the border of Tamilnadu. TN ended and Pondi started from there.

Just like any other Union Territory, Pondi also welcomed with a series of liquor shops on both the sides. Some of them were already open at 7 am in the morning. We headed towards the city.

I must say it was a well planned and built city by Portuguese, I doubt if Indian govt could have done this at that time. Wide roads, well constructed buildings which showed glimps of Portuguese arts, all non indian names of the streets. Most of the places will make you think again if you are really in Pondi or some other country.

First thing we wanted to do is eat something. We preferred eating at some small Idli stall and were amazed to see the range of items he had just in Dosa. Some 5 types of Dosa, 3 types of vada, 5 types of chutneys. One of THE better place where I had had South Indian food ever.

After breakfast we kick started bike and headed straight to the Beach. One of the cleanes beach I have seen, credit goes to the authorities there. Huge statue of Gandhi was placed there. The beach where we went was all rocky, Similar of what we have Band-Stand in Mumbai. Cool breeze and waves of sound made our morning magnificent. Though it was the month of February, Sun can really make u feel its presence even at 9 am in the morning. After clicking some pics on the beach we went in search of a place to stay.

We stayed there for couple of days, I am planning to write about that experience in one of my next blogs.


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