Women, what god must be doing when he created women? According to some, and most married men, he was drunk to make them how they are (annoying). According to some, including me, he was in best of his moods to make them how magnificent they are? And according to some, he was watching some mystery movie to make them the most confused souls on this earth.

I think there is too much being discussed about women, about their moods, about their beauty, about they being annoying and about their car driving skills 😛
And why there is so much being discussed? Cos we love them, ya its true. Show me a guy who says ‘Ah I dont like women’. You gotta like some woman for sure. your mother, sister, girl friend, colleague or just a random crush. Someone.

We gotta admit that god surely took extra care while creating women. Its a different thing that it worked well with some and went disastrous with some.

Have you seen boxes with ‘Handle with care’ written on it? Women is pretty much the same packaging, however God wanted some entertainment in heavens above and thats why he didnt lable the package with ‘handle with care’.

You might wanna comment about your funny/interesting encounters with the most beautiful package made by God, women.


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